Role of a Business Analyst

Business analysts (BA) are the change agents helping businesses to improve the efficacy of business processes. They play important role in any type of business – be it finance, banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, travel or other. While the business analysts are always a wanted bunch, 2012 reports indicate that the demand and compensation for these jobs show a rising trend. With the changing landscape of economy and an estimated project failure rate of more than 60%, businesses have more reason to value the BA role as an attempt to avoid the risk of project failures.

A business analyst’s job is to understand the current business processes, analyze them, elicit the requirements for the revised system from various users, study the pain points of users, research available solutions and options to address those pain points, propose alternate solutions, help the executive management to select a solution, translate the requirements for use with IT system design, manage the changes to the requirements, verify the developed solution and ensure that it effectively meets the needs of the business. Sounds simple?